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Under the impulse of road transport professionals, BDFWeb became, in January 2010, B2PWeb, the freight exchange by and for road transport professionals.

Born in 2006 from the already expressed will of the transporters to create an alternative to the existing monopoly, BDFWeb passed in March 2010 under the control of the transport professionals and freight forwarding professionals, their new shareholders through the Company H2P (HOLDING PREMIUM PROFESSIONNEL) created by themselves for this purpose.

With numerous transport stakeholders, groups (ASTRE, ASTR, EVOLUTRANS, FLO, FRANCE BENNE, FRANCE PLATEAUX, TRED UNION, etc.) accompanied by some of the largest major groups (GEFCO, GEODIS CALBERSON, GEODIS BM, MORY, RAVE, STEF, STG, etc) and supported by the four professional federations (FNTR, OTRE, TLF and UNOSTRA), BDFWeb successfully became B2PWeb in early 2010 and set out to conquer the French road freight exchange market.

The objective was clear: To offer road transport professionals a simple, effective and economical FREIGHT EXCHANGE tool, a real alternative to the market situation that has existed for years.

2011 brought even more recognition as an IFOP survey, commissioned by the long-standing operator, recorded the spectacular breakthrough of B2PWeb, the professional stock exchange which, in less than 18 months, had taken second place in the market !

Other groups and cooperatives (ECOTRANS, GROUPEMENT SUD, UCT, FRANCE GROUPEMENT, etc.), joined by other groups, launched their support for B2PWeb the road freight exchange BY and FOR professionals.

In 2012, craftsmen and small businesses came in numbers on the platform.

The professionals have taken up the challenge launched by a handful of leaders.

B2PWeb has become their FREIGHT EXCHANGE !

A common venture and shared success!

Find out about the history of the challenge

B2PWeb today...

A team of 50 people, including a permanent sales force in the field, a customer service department that listens to customers and a technical centre at the cutting edge of innovation are the major assets of your freight exchange.

What makes us special ? A service designed by transport professionals and dedicated to carriers and forwarders.

B2PWeb recruits and commits to sustainable
and responsible employment !

With the launch of its new traceability solution, 15 new permanent employees have joined the company in the last 12 months.

“I believe above all in involving teams through their development in the company. Everything is done to give them a vision and sustainability to win their trust. In our country, permanent employment is the norm, and that’s good!” – Benoit AUJAY – Managing Director of B2PWeb

In view of this continuous growth and the company’s ambitions, B2PWeb is always looking for new talent to enrich its teams and its know-how: Developers, salespeople, customer service….

And why not you ?


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