01Our solution

Why choose us?


  • Accessible directly via the Internet (no software or applications on your PC)
  • Easy to access including by smartphone and tablet
  • Friendly-use and intuitive application
  • Simplified management: only 1 subscription per site and per legal entity


  • Subscriptions adapted to the diversity of companies
  • Services at the forefront of your business
  • A requirement for continuous development
  • Interfaces developed for the TMS on the market
  • An user’s club that constantly monitors the quality level of the products


  • Highly secure IT infrastructure
  • Outsourced hosting in a high-availability data center (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
  • Qualification of new subscribers through mandatory legal documents
  • Secure access subject to obtaining an individual login and password
  • Continuously update of user list
  • Sending secure contact details at registration from the carrier to the charterer

GedTrans Partnership (Transport’s Document Management):

  • Sending secure legal documents via the GedTrans platform from the carrier to the charterer
  • Continuously update of legal documents


GedMouv Partnership (Shared Traceability):

2017 announced the launch of GedMouv, the new delivery information service BY & FOR transport professionals and their customers. From B2PWeb, submit your SPOT charter requests through GedMouv to request follow-up at each stage.

Our services

Unlimited freight deposit

  • Submit, modify and refresh your offers unlimitedly
  • See which carriers have consulted your offers
  • Send your charter confirmation to a subcontractor
  • Possibility to create templates, duplicate an offer and schedule the publication of offers
  • Secure delivery of legal documents and charterer contact details
  • Sharing offers between users

Unlimited freight search

  • Numerous tools at your disposal on a very intuitive and customisable interface
  • Create up to 10 searches simultaneously and display as many offers as you need
  • Select your freight search routes using the map of Europe
  • Optimise the visibility of results with the multi-window mode
  • Alerts system for every new offer (sound, pop-up and email)
  • Option to export saved offers
  • Send your contact details or legal documents to the charterer in one click
  • Consult the map of the route (Routes and Heavy Goods Vehicle calculations)

Route planner

  • Calculate the data for a desired journey (Distance, Tolls, Travel time) taking into account Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) constraints.


B2P Optim, the corridor-based freight search assistant (New in 2020)

  • Search for freight offers that are available on your route
  • View the most relevant offers according to your search criteria: diversions, mileage, length and weight, etc.
  • Keep up to date with the best offers thanks to personalised alerts (compatibility score)
  • Combine several offers and limit empty miles
  • Access B2P Optim from your mobile by downloading the mobile app for IOS and Android


Vehicle exchange

  • Advertise your available vehicles to charterers and consult the corresponding freight offers
  • Search for vehicles and view vehicle listings that match your freight offers


The directory pack

  • Search for a service provider by multiple cumulative criteria: name, Siret, department, country, types of vehicles, freight search areas
  • Consult their detailed file: contact details and identity data, list of contacts, list of vehicles, activity, freight search areas, list and status of legal documents uploaded on GedTrans (depending on your GedTrans subscription).


Prohibition management

  • Manage the permission on choosing freight pickup and subcontracting


Access to research on smartphones and tablets

  • Stay connected! Access the search management and consult road transport offers from your smartphone via our mobile website version : http://m.b2pweb.com


The private exchange*

  • Define and customise your own community to distribute your freight and vehicle advertisements
    *Additional flat rate for groups)


Optional costs

  • Set-up costs for groups (according to study)
  • Training costs for groups (according to study)



* Directory of Carriers and Freight Forwarders
** Outside the group