04Additional services

GedMouv is the traceability tool for goods deliveries, which facilitates the transmission and feedback of delivery information between a customer and a carrier (transmission of orders, validation of stages, photos of signed off goods, geolocation, incident reporting, etc.). The carrier manages their orders and assigns them to their drivers or subcontractors from our traceability tool. Via their smartphone or an on-board terminal, the driver can instantly report all the information concerning the routing of the goods. The principal receives their delivery data in real time and is thus able to anticipate any possible incident or delay.

The GedMouv platform adapts to all internal systems and enables information to be shared with the various stakeholders in the delivery chain.

B2PWeb works with Gedmouv

B2PWeb is interfaced with GedMouv, simplifying the transmission of transport orders between subscribers during SPOT charters. Within the context of this partnership, B2PWeb invites all its customers to activate their GedMouv access to receive transport orders.